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In 2015, the mayor asked three people with pending matters before his executive branch or other municipal agencies to support his nonprofit without providing a required disclaimer. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Deblasio is a thieving manipulator.
Russia’s Foreign Ministry complained to the US Embassy in Moscow Wednesday of "provocative actions" by the US and NATO and warned of "dangerous consequences."  New York Post
VOA VIEW: Putin is posturing.
President Biden signed an executive order Wednesday requiring that federal purchases be made with the goal of making the US economy carbon emission-free by 2050. New York Post
VOA VIEW: More Biden Madness.


The U.S. crossed the milestone as the threat of the Omicron variant spurred a flurry of shots in recent days. Here’s the latest on the pandemic. New York Times
Under an executive order, the federal government would phase out the purchase gasoline-powered vehicles and its buildings would be powered by wind, solar or other clean energy. New York Times
VOA VIEW: A mad idea.
Black Americans are deleting Facebook, some to join TikTok. One reason: Facebook has made too little progress in combating racism and violent threats.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Understanding on both counts.
If you're shopping for the holidays, Best Buy's holiday sale on TVs, high-tech laptops and so much more.       USA Today
Cryptocurrency executives went to Capitol Hill Wednesday to say their fast-growing industry understands more regulation is likely coming, but they don't want it to squelch the next wave of the internet or send it offshore to other countries. Washington Times
Voters can expect to be bombarded in 2022 with TV campaign ads laden with video of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol and Democratic messaging that ties Republicans to the riot. The message, Democratic lawmakers say, will be that Republicans are the bad guys and Democrats are the ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Jan. 6 will hurt Dems.


If Santa is checking his list for nations this year, the United States is definitely in the nice column: A new study ranks the U.S. as the 10th-most thoughtful country in the world. Philanthropy, equality and family support are the three main factors that got the U.S. into the top ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: 10th is not something to boast.
A new survey shows that 64% of U.S. wage earners are “more interested in working remotely” due to the omicron variant of COVID-19. The Frontier Communications survey of 1,002 employed Americans, conducted on Amazon Mechanical Turk early this month, also found that 28% of respondents had not yet returned to ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Employes want to take advantage of the free ride.
At least 12 major U.S. cities have broken annual homicide records in 2021 -- and there's still three weeks to go in the year. ABC
VOA VIEW: Law and order are declining.
State lawmakers may help pay for people from other states to come to California for abortions if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v ABC
VOA VIEW: Crazy!

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Adam Mosseri was in the hot seat Wednesday afternoon. ABC
VOA VIEW: They should be severely punished.
As the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe, more than 5.2 million people have died from the disease worldwide, including over 792,000 Americans. ABC
VOA VIEW: Phizer wants to push up its sales.
President Joe Biden made his first comments on his call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying Russia will face "severe consequences" if it invades Ukraine. ABC
VOA VIEW: It shows Biden is weak and the US should fear.


Workers voted down a five-year offer from the cereal maker that included 3% raises and cost-of-living adjustments. CBS
VOA VIEW: A smart move.
The IRS has told some lawmakers the bill needs to pass by December 28 for payments to continue smoothly heading into January, according to Senate and House congressional aides. CBS
The Fed is expected to say it will double the pace of its bond purchase taper, while also likely hinting at more aggressive rate hikes in 2022. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Liberal deceivers.
When asked how Biden addressed Putin's "red lines," national security advisor Jake Sullivan said that Biden made "made no such commitments or concessions." CNBC
VOA VIEW: It means that Putin got the best of Biden.
Inflation is here to stay, and the Federal Reserve is leaving the economy and everyday Americans at risk by keeping rates so low. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden is bankrupting the nation.

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"When we see real-world data, will determine if the omicron is well covered by the third dose and for how long," Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told CNBC. CNBC
VOA VIEW: It's all about more money.
The Supreme Court's 6-3 conservative majority appeared willing to broaden the scope of public funding for religious education. CNBC
VOA VIEW: A good move.
Former Trump White House chief of Staff Mark Meadows is suing the House special committee investigating January 6 and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. CNN

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Hundreds of Los Angeles school employees have been fired for not complying with a district vaccine requirement, the Los Angeles Unified School district said. FOX News
President Joe Biden said Wednesday that sending troops to Ukraine is "not on the table" after his high-stakes virtual summit with President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday. UPI
VOA VIEW: The fool is announcing his options.
Employers nationwide had 11 million job openings during the month of October, nearly a record, and the number of Americans who quit their jobs that month dipped slightly -- but is still way above normal. UPI
VOA VIEW: Sad times.
South Korea reported a new record high of daily COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, surpassing 7,000 for the first time while critical cases continue to strain hospital bed capacity in the worst outbreak the country has seen. UPI

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December 10, 2021

     “President Biden seems to be doing his best to prolong” our “economic woes,” grumbles Kristin Tate at The Hill. “With the holidays around the corner, Americans are experiencing inflated prices, goods shortages and long shipping times.” Yet Team Biden is poised to “hike prices and cause more empty shelves” by requiring jab proof to cross the US-Canada border, when “20 percent of Canada’s truckers are unvaxxed.” This “will further ensnare the arrival of both raw materials and finished goods into the country.” More: Biden may close “a major natural gas pipeline from the Great White North because of ‘climate change’ concerns,” hitting US consumers with rising fuel costs. “Everyday concerns of Americans struggling to pay their bills or fill their cars with gasoline are being dismissed.”  Biden worsens everything he is or has been involved with.