Science is becoming so advanced it can now stop hiccups, according to one study. Sipping water out of the the “HiccAway” was found to stop the hiccups 92 percent of the time. New York Post
VOA VIEW: The marvel of science.
Two groups representing the tech industry threw Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' words back at him in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the state's new "deplatforming" law. New York Post
VOA VIEW: The tech companies want to keep control.
Former congressman Vito Fossella has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump for Staten Island Borough President. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Hopefully the endorsement proves positive.


The Department of Veterans Affairs is taking the first steps toward offering gender-reassignment surgery to transgender vets, VA Secretary Denis McDonough announced. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Madness!
The next six weeks before a new government takes office in Tehran may be a unique window for clinching an agreement that Iran’s leadership has been delaying. New York Times
VOA VIEW: There should be no deal with Iran.
Fighting COVID-19 proved a boon to cancer research. Here's how scientists are using the same mRNA technology to attack tumors.       USA Today
Governor threatened to do so after session ended when House Democrats left the chamber, causing bills to expire      USA Today
VOA VIEW: Dems don't like the new play.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is being driven to depression and despair by remaining locked up in the U.K. amid ongoing efforts to put him on trial in the U.S., his fiancée, Stella Moris, said Saturday. Ms. Moris spoke to reporters outside Belmarsh Prison in London, where Mr. Assange has been ... Washington Times
Former Vice President Mike Pence has his work cut out for him when it comes to fusing former President Donald Trump’s MAGA movement with a more traditional brand of conservatism. The massive challenge in front of him was on display Friday at the Faith and Freedom Coalition “Road to Majority” ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Maga must gain in 2022.


National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said President Biden told Russian President Vladimir Putin there will be consequences if ransomware hackers within his country keep attacking U.S. systems unbridled. Mr. Sullivan said Thursday that Mr. Biden warned Mr. Putin when they all met this week of repercussions unless he reels in ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden makes foolish threats.
COVID-19 vaccination rates for police, fire and corrections employees in Los Angeles are significantly lower than the state's average for other adults, raising concerns among medical ethicists and public safety leaders about whether unvaccinated first responders could become a threat to public health. While about 72% ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: CA is showing how left it can be.
Crystal Mason is still fighting a conviction of illegally voting when she cast a provisional ballot in the 2016 presidential election. Her vote was never counted. ABC
VOA VIEW: Confusing!
A South Korean lawmaker claimed North Korean hackers attacked its nuclear think tank. ABC
VOA VIEW: The real truth is ...

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As Juneteenth approaches, the former president says he trusts in a new generation fighting for equal rights. ABC
VOA VIEW: Obama is a black racist.
Taxes on gasoline have long helped pay for our roadways. As millions of Americans pile into their cars this summer, they'll be riding on roads largely funded by the gasoline tax. But what happens when more vehicles go electric and drive right by the pump? Brook Silva-Braga looks at the solutions now being taken for a test drive. CBS
VOA VIEW: This is a real problem.
A farmer’s life is never an easy one. But for many African American farmers, their work has been complicated by discrimination and often at the hand of government officials. CBS
VOA VIEW: More liberal media deceptive hype.


The storm was expected to dump anywhere from 5 inches to 10 inches of rain along parts of the Gulf Coast - even 15 inches in isolated areas, CBS
The nation is marking Juneteenth on Saturday. President Biden signed legislation this week, making the day a federal holiday. Many large corporations recognized Juneteenth on Friday with moments of silence, early closures, or a paid day off for employees. But to many, the day represents much more than that. CBS
VOA VIEW: A major mistake.
The contrast between former President Donald Trump's final Juneteenth in the White House and the lead-up to President Joe Biden's first is stark. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Under Biden it became major appeasement.
"The data is clear: If you are unvaccinated, you're at risk of getting seriously ill or dying or spreading it," Biden said from the White House. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden hasn't a clue.
The CEO of one of Wall Street's top investment banks has a message for employees in its New York offices. You need to come back to work this fall. CNN

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CNN's Jim Acosta slams Republicans and members of the right-wing media who continue to embrace a false conspiracy theory that claims the FBI orchestrated the Capitol insurrection. CNN
VOA VIEW: Acosta is a liberal idiot.
New research published by the UN health agency on Thursday revealed that suicide remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide – taking more lives each year than HIV, malaria, breast cancer, war and homicide. UN News
VOA VIEW: WHO does not know much.
With “entrenched ageist attitudes” already undermining the autonomy of elder persons in making their own choices and decisions, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus further violence, abuse and neglect against them, a UN independent expert said on Monday, marking World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.  UN News
VOA VIEW: Liberals and Dems are the big problem.

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The number of new COVID-19 cases reported to the UN health agency has declined for seven weeks in a row, in what the top official there called on Monday “the longest sequence of weekly declines during the pandemic so far”. UN News

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